Showcase your own ‘My Active World’ with the Care Inspectorate upcoming resource

Showcase your own ‘My Active World’ with the Care Inspectorate upcoming resource
‘My Active World’ is a new resource coming soon from the Care Inspectorate, and they are looking for you to get involved, share your stories and help represent childminding by contributing your examples from your own setting.

When your minded children come to your childminding service, think active is your world? How do you encourage activity? What types of movement do you do? How do you make it fun? What impact do you see in your minded children? 

This new resource is natural progression from ‘My World Outdoors’ and this time is focusing on children being active within various childcare settings. The Care Inspectorate said: “We're developing a new resource to inspire and motivate those working with children to increase opportunities for them to learn and play in an active way.” 

At SCMA we know that childminders are incredibly active with their minded children of all ages, whether it’s walking to and from school, going to the beach to jump the waves, playing at the swings, encouraging babies to crawl, dancing in the living room or doing a nature trail through the local woods. 

The examples and ideas that you share with the Care Inspectorate could not only help fellow childminders enhance their own settings, you might it will give the voice of childminding boost; showcasing the true value and benefits of childminding and reinforcing your place within high-quality, professional childcare.   

To share your examples, email the Care Inspectorate directly and get in touch via and take the chance to #CheerforChildminding!