Trampoline Update from SCMA

Trampoline Update from SCMA
If you are a SCMA member and hold your Public Liability Insurance (PLI) with us, it is important to note the guidance relating to the use of trampolines in childminding settings.

Alongside your insurance certificate you received when you recently purchased or renewed your PLI with us, you will have also have been sent our ‘Public Liability Insurance 2018-19’ booklet.  This booklet is a guide to your policy, including frequently asked questions and answers, and full terms and conditions.

In relation to the use of trampolines, the guide states that children under the age of six years cannot use a trampoline. However, the document also states that SCMA can provide PLI cover for use of a trampoline by minded children under six, subject to the following conditions:

PACEY (or SCMA in Scotland) note in their own records, in the event of a future claim
Written permission is granted from the parent, even though their child is below the manufacturers recommended age for use.
Risk assessments being carried out.
Only one person being allowed on the trampoline at one time.
Children being supervised.
Exposed metalwork should be padded.
No somersaults or complex manoeuvres.
Padding on the ground or extra circumferential netting added.
Not to be sighted close to fences, trees or hard surfaces e.g. patios. 

Following this guidance, if you plan to allow children under the age of six to use a trampoline within your childminding, please inform SCMA of this in advance and we will note this on your record. This provides us with information in the event of a claim, should one be raised in the future.

Read Public Liability Insurance 2018-19 booklet in full.

If you have any questions about your PLI or need to notify us, please call SCMA on 01786 445377.