UNCRC Training Tool ‘Introducing Children’s Rights’

UNCRC Training Tool ‘Introducing Children’s Rights’
The Scottish Government has launched a new training and learning tool to support childcare professionals who work closely with children to introduce them to children’s rights and how to put them into practice.

‘Introducing Children’s Rights’ is a ten-minute online training kit, that will help you get to grips with children’s rights, what they mean for you and the children in your service. The toolkit will also help you think about how best to implement them and ensure children’s voices are being heard.

Respecting children’s rights, hearing their voices and encouraging child-led participation are core principles that every adult who works with children and young people should respect. Ensuring children feel respected, is the best way to establish a respectful adult-child connection. 

Being aware of children’s rights - as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) – and incorporating these into child-led activities to ensure inclusion, respect and participation is particularly important in childminding, due to the informal nature of the setting.

In Scotland and amongst the early learning and childcare sector, we know a lot more about the interaction of attachment and brain development than we ever did before. We know that being respectful and feeling respected  

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SCMA has also published a Child-Led Participation guide for childminders, which is an easy-to-read document providing useful information, including legal background, definitions, case studies for child participation, and many other interesting and valuable facts.

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