Updated Risk Assessment Support for SCMA Members

Updated Risk Assessment Support for SCMA Members
Following the updated Childminding Services Guidance published by the Scottish Government on 17 February, SCMA has updated its Risk Assessment Support Tools for members. 

All childminders are required to have a COVID-19 risk assessment in place for their setting, and these should be reviewed and updated regularly. 

Importantly, blended placements can continue provided risk assessments are refreshed for all existing blended placements. These risk assessments must also be carried out for any new blended placements arising as a result of nurseries and schools re-opening.

We have reviewed and refreshed our COVID-19 Risk Assessment Support Tools in line with the updated guidance, that you can refer to and adapt to suit your unique childminding setting including:

COVID-19 Support for Writing Risk Assessments
COVID-19 Risk Assessment Blank Template
Risk Assessment Guidance

Our range of COVID-19 Risk Assessment Support Tools are available for SCMA members to download from the Membership Dashboard

If you have any questions regarding the guidance or the impact of COVID-19 on your childminding service, please visit our dedicated COVID-19 webpage, where you can find the latest information, guidance, FAQs and our useful video updates.