Making it Work

As a lone parent in this current economic climate, it can be extremely difficult to identify training, learning and work opportunities that fit around family responsibilities.

The Making it Work programme can help lone parents to overcome these difficulties, providing access to a range of valuable support services. The programme brings together key organisations, including SCMA, to deliver a tailored programme of support to help improve the quality of life for these families.

Where SCMA fits in…

SCMA can support the Making it Work programme in two ways. Firstly we can work with the key workers to identify childminders who can provide childcare for the parent when they return to work or education. Secondly, we can help lone parents establish their own childminding services, giving them a route back to work and the community a high-quality, flexible childcare service.

We won funding from the Big Lottery to offer this support in Glasgow, South Lanarkshire, Fife and Edinburgh and work is already underway. If you live in any of these areas please ensure you have uploaded your details to our online Childminder Search Service as we’ll use this tool to identify childminders with vacancies who can help.

Anne Condie, Head of Childminding Services, said of the Making it Work programme; “This programme will offer great support to lone parents trying to get back to work. We’re delighted SCMA can help not only in finding reliable childcare but also in helping some parents start their own businesses too.”

Frances’ Story

Frances, a single mother of two from South Lanarkshire, found herself facing redundancy after 26 years working in a factory. Faced with the prospect of unemployment, Frances felt she had no idea where to start…things were so different now. Frances had always supported her own family and was desperate to do so again.

Thankfully Frances was able to access the Making it Work programme and with career guidance from a trained advisor she was able to think about a career very different from her previous role - childminding.

Previously Frances had used childcare for her own children to allow her to work however, as a childminder Frances could provide a much needed quality service to other working parents and look after her own children at the same time. Frances contacted programme’s dedicated Making it Work Childminding Development Officer, Jacqui, who guided her through the childminding registration process from start to finish. Frances received support with form filling, risk assessments, fire safety plans, policies and procedures, child development plans and so much more. Thanks to the programme and with Jacqui’s help Frances felt confident about the future again.

Frances also attended SCMA Induction training which was a daunting prospect at first as she had not set foot inside a classroom environment for over 26 years. However she found herself inspired by the training and this confirmed that childminding was the career for her.

Thanks to the Making it Work programme, Frances is confidently looking forward to a long and successful career in childminding supported by the fact that Jacqui and SCMA are only a phone call away.