CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Observations and assessment

Facilitated by SCMA

Childminders have a key role to play in child development, from the crucial early years through to the more independent school-age years. Every child is unique and with each of your minded children you establish a close bond and deliberate knowledge of one another, perhaps knowing them best of all after their parents in some cases.

Skilled childminders observe all the time and use these observations to make accurate judgements about how to further support a child’s learning and development. The observation, assessment and planning cycle support children’s learning and development, and it is important to understand this cycle to ensure children’s needs are met, their interests are being followed and how to support their development and learning at every stage.

It is important to support each individual child’s learning and wellbeing, know when to give appropriate support and encouragement and help them progress to the next stage of their development.  Children develop quickly in the early years, and childminders have a responsibility to do all they can to help children have the best possible start in life. As a childminder you continually assist, encourage and monitor a child’s development. Across social and emotional skills, as well and fine and gross motor skills, childminders – and other childcare providers alike – are tracking and planning for the progress of each child in their service.

During this workshop you will explore what a child needs to play and learn in relation to stages of development. On completion you should understand how children learn and develop and how observation and assessment is an aid to children’s learning and development.