RESILIENCE: The importance of self-esteem

Facilitated by The Salvesen Mindroom Centre

Self-esteem is how a person feels about themselves and what they do. Someone with positive self-esteem will generally approach things thinking they are a good person who deserves love and support and can succeed in life. Someone with low or negative self-esteem will generally think they are not good at things, don’t deserve love or support and that situations will work out badly for them. Having a learning difficulty (a different kind of mind) can impact on self-esteem.

The purpose of the workshop is to raise awareness of the importance of self-esteem in the early years and throughout life and how childminders can support children to overcome the challenges of learning difficulties and develop positive self-esteem in their daily practice.

It will be based on newly produced films about learning difficulties which feature young people.

Resilience features strongly, with discussion on how children and young people can show immense resilience with the right support. The films also address mental health and stigma by offering greater understanding of the conditions that give rise to learning difficulties