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The Early Learning and Childcare Report from SCMA

Our Early Learning and Childcare report assesses the current use of childminding services in Scotland in relation to the delivery of funded Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) to eligible two year olds. By contacting every local authority in Scotland to obtain data, the report draws together a national picture on the current use of childminding services to deliver funded ELC. Through analysis of the information, the report goes on to explain the importance of the inclusion of childminding services in the delivery of ELC in order to protect the future of this workforce in Scotland.

Key points from the Report:

  • Families currently have access to 600 hours of funded ELC from August 2014.

  • Funded entitlement to ELC will increase to 1,140 hours from August 2020.

  • There are 5,124 childminders operating professional businesses in Scotland.

  • Potentially there are 11,000 places for funded ELC for eligible two to five-year olds in Scotland.

  • Currently there are 639 childminders approved to deliver funded ELC for eligible two-year olds.

  • 144 eligible two-year olds are receiving funded ELC with childminders.

  • 119 childminders are approved to deliver funded ELC for eligible three and four-year olds.

  • 89 eligible three and four-year olds are currently receiving funded ELC with childminders.

Commenting on the publication of the latest ELC Report, Maggie Simpson, Chief Executive of SCMA said: "This latest report follows local authorities having completed their expansion plans which should include how they will include childminding in the delivery of funded ELC. Much of the information in this report may begin to sound more hopeful and there is an increase in the number of local authorities who are beginning to engage with their childminding services. At its best, local authorities are recognising that childminding is not just for working parents. They are making full use of childminding services for families at times of difficulty and then offering continuity of care with the same childminder for the child’s funded hours.

"However, before I let my optimism get the better of me, let’s look at the actual numbers. The stark reality is that there are potentially thousands of high-quality childminding places that are not being considered as an option for parents. This report highlights some local authorities that are still not even giving childminding as an option for parents, which in my view is unacceptable."

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To read the full ELC Report on the current state of childminding services in Scotland to deliver funded ELC to eligible two, three and four-year olds CLICK HERE.