Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update for Childminders

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update for Childminders
Health Protection Scotland has issued COVID-19 - commonly known as 'coronavirus' - guidance.

Further information from the Scottish Government has also been issued, where all daycare of children’s services, including all childminders, are required to notify the Care Inspectorate of any incidences or outbreaks of the coronavirus (COVID-19) via the Care Inspectorate notification process.

In addition, a new Public Health Poster has been developed by NHS Scotland to give advice on how to stop the coronavirus spreading. We would recommend that all childminders put this poster up and make it visible within your childminding setting.

Download the NHS Scotland Public Health Poster

There are currently six confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Scotland – and this is a continually evolving situation and we understand that many of you will have questions and concerns regarding impact, which are unique to your childminding business.

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In the meantime, SCMA is recommending that childminders follow guidance from Health Protection Scotland and continue with your usual childminding practice and follow the guidance appropriately. 

If circumstances and the situation changes, SCMA will issue further guidance for childminders as and when required – and you can always call our Helpline on 01786 449063.