Coronavirus: SCMA Holding Statement (24 March 2020)

Coronavirus: SCMA Holding Statement (24 March 2020)
Please be reassured that we continue to be in on-going contact with the Scottish Government regarding the current situation and have been pressing for clear guidance at this very challenging time. However, we also recognise the extreme challenges presented in doing so quickly for every official aspect of life at this critical time.

At of the time of issuing this update this evening we are still awaiting official guidance on childminding.

In the meantime, we realise that many of you and the parents you support will be wondering about tomorrow, if childminding will be open and if, so, for all existing families who wish to use your service or just key workers. It is difficult to answer this with certainty.

As we have not received any instruction to advise of changes to the contrary, we can only operate on the basis of the latest official position from the Scottish Government regarding childminding (20 March 2020) – namely that all childminding settings can currently remain open, as the risk of transmission is lower due to the small numbers involved in a setting, and public health guidance will be developed to support this.

If your setting is open, we would suggest this should primarily be for families of key workers and we will continue to seek clarity as to if childcare can continue to be provided for other families already using your settings, working from home and who require childcare to reduce their need to physically attend work at this time and support ongoing social distancing measures.

We will advise if this position changes. Please continue to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and to check our website for updates.

We will update you as soon as further information is available.

Graeme McAlister
Chief Executive