Meet Your SCMA Board for 2022

Meet Your SCMA Board for 2022
SCMA is the only organisation in Scotland dedicated to supporting childminding – and now we are pleased to announce our SCMA Board for 2022. Are you ready to meet them? 

We look to our Board of Elected Members to represent childminding and help SCMA maintain the professional status it holds today. Our Board includes the SCMA Convener, Treasurer and up to 15 Elected Members, who freely donate their time, ideas, and energy to direct the work of SCMA.

We are delighted to be welcoming SIX new Elected Member nominations this year. The new Board members will soon take their seat alongside their childminding colleagues, to bring their local knowledge and true childminding experiences to the table. 

Meet the current and new members of the Board including the Convener and Treasurer.

Would you like the opportunity to make your voice heard? 
If you’re keen to make a difference to the work and progress of SCMA, and you would be interested in representing childminding in Scotland at a national level – a seat on the SCMA Board could be for you. 

We have FOUR vacant Elected Member positions still available on our Board this year – and we’re looking for more of our childminder members to help to steer the direction of SCMA.

Bringing your local knowledge and true childminding experiences to the table, means you have the opportunity to be heard, contribute your opinions and ideas, and ultimately share your passion for professional childminding in Scotland. 

Feel free to get in touch with to find out more. 

If there are any further vacancies, emergency nominations may be accepted at the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) in August.  

Current Elected Members are automatically entitled to complete their remaining term on the Board, and they have confirmed that they intend to continue and support the work of the organisation.  

We would like to thank all our Elected Members, including those stepping down this year, for all their contributions, guidance and support, which has been invaluable.

Your new SCMA Board will be officially announced at the SCMA 2022 AGM on Saturday 20 August at 12.15pm, which will be held via Microsoft Teams.

If you're interested in attending the upcoming AGM, or if you have any questions, or require a copy of the current Standing Orders or Memorandum and Articles, please contact Louise Buchanan on 01786 434956 or email