LET'S BE FRIENDS: Preventing bullying behaviour

Facilitated by Respectme

Bullying, or the fear of bullying, is a major concern for children and their parents, and it can happen anywhere that children come together. It is abusive behaviour that damages the lives of those involved – whether they are being bullied, witnessing it or doing it.

Bullying is both behaviour and impact; what someone does and the impact it has on the other person’s capacity to feel in control of themselves. We call this their sense of ‘agency’. Bullying takes place in the context of relationships. It is behaviour that can make people feel hurt, threatened, frightened and left out and it can happen face to face and online.

Bullying behaviour can harm people physically or emotionally and, although the actual behaviour might not be repeated, the threat that it might can be sustained over time, typically by actions: looks, messages, confrontations, physical interventions, or the fear of these.

We know that children and young people will fall out and disagree with each other as they form and build relationships. This is a normal part of growing up and most children and young people have the ability to bounce back from this type of behaviour. 

This workshop will give an understanding of bullying behaviour and how it may be prevented.